The final chapter

I’ve just finished.

It’s a good one.

I wonder how long it will be before I can get the audiobook from the library… ?

Very long, it seems. I am number 432 on the holds list. Ah well.

***edit second***
Also: most of my predictions were off, though sometimes more in the details than the spirit. And they were all incorrect in the most unexpected and wonderful ways, for which Jo Rowling deserves intense kudos. We were all waiting, and speculating, and fantasizing wildly, and she still managed to surprise and yet be believable. The NYT review says it well: “The overall conclusion and its determination of the main characters’ story lines possess a convincing inevitability that make some of the prepublication speculation seem curiously blinkered in retrospect.” Yes. Exactly.

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3 responses to “The final chapter

  1. haven’t finished yet

    Al and I have been trying to share the book. It’s hard work giving it up. ;] I’m about halfway through. It’s good so far!

    How did the kitties vet visit go?


  2. I thought the book was also good, but predictable. My roommate and I both got two very key plot twists completely figured out by chapter 5 (one about horcruxes and one about Snape) – and to have them come true almost exactly as we figured was sort of anticlimactic.

    You did nail one death on the head though, and when that person died I thought of you immediately!

    • I’ve been reading a thread called “Unanswered Questions and Loose Ends” on the Leaky Cauldron’s forum. Reading some of the participants’ reactions to the book made me realize that having all these predictions sometimes blinds us to what’s actually in the text. Even though some of the things in the book were just as people predicted, I still enjoyed watching them unfold, and I think there are still little details to some of them that give us more room to ponder.

      You didn’t find it all predictable, did you, though? Some of it I thought was quite surprising!

      I am very gratified you thought of you me when you read that part. 🙂

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