An exercise in divination

Prompted by lorelai‘s Deathly Hallows predictions board, I am offering my own forecast (items not in particular order).

0. The Veil…?: Dead people remain dead, though we will see them again in some other form.

1. Harry: He will live but be hurt in some way OR he will die taking Voldemort with him. Either way, Voldemort dies.

2. Snape: He’s not a true Death Eater, nor a good person. For some reason he is loyal to Dumbledore (possibly to Dumbledore alone, not the whole Order). Also, for some reason, he feels compelled to preserve Harry’s life (and not just so Voldemort can kill him, as he suggested in his final flight in Book 6).

3. Ron and Hermione: Will both live.

4. Ginny: Will live, and will do some serious ass-kicking. Far-out possibility that I would love to see happen: Ginny saves Harry.

5. Neville: I hope he will live, but I’m not sure. He will have some further face-off with Bellatrix Lestrange but I’m not sure he can manage to kill her single-handedly. If he lives, he may someday become a Hogwarts teacher.

6. Hagrid: I’m afraid he will die in an outrageously heroic blaze of protection and self-sacrifice. If he doesn’t, his sadness after all the deaths will be gut-wrenching, just like in the end of Book 6.

7. McGonagall: I think she will live, because she’s mostly stayed out of the line of danger until now. But if she gets drawn more deeply into the war, then I don’t know.

8. Lupin and Tonks: Tonks, I think, will live (though possibly badly injured), and I think Lupin will live because of Tonks.

9. Moody: I think he’s had it.

10. The rest of the Weasley family: Mr Weasley may die. Mrs Weasley, like McGonagall, has mostly stayed out of direct danger, but you never know. I think Bill and Charlie will be okay. Charlie may play a larger role in this book. If Percy dies, he will have had some sort of face-off with his family first, either a reconciliation or a final break. Fred and George will live (because if they die, so does Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes, and we really can’t have that).

11. Dobby and Kreacher: Kreacher is going to play a larger role in this book. Dobby will find yet another way to help Harry, which may possibly include getting killed trying to protect Harry.

12. The Malfoys: Draco will live and still be a prat, but no longer so unambiguously bad. His parents will not both survive.

13. Bellatrix: Evil witch must die! But she’ll wreak a lot more mischief before she goes, either in the form of killings or by doing something else huge for Voldemort.

Thirteen seems a good number to end on. Leave me your predictions too!

If I remember, I might do thirteen more on each of the TWO MORE DAYS until book release!

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