What my brain comes up with

A few notes:
1. The Dark-defeating shirt is meant to be a sheer, iridescent burgundy-black, with gold embroidery. I don’t know how fashion designers render fabrics in their sketches, but I can never do it.
2. Margaret doesn’t really look like this. Also, Margaret: I don’t have a recent photo of you, so this is what I came up with for your hair.
3. I put Margaret in the Ravenclaw colors because they seemed appropriate and also because the Gryffindor ones would have clashed with, and therefore lessened the impact of, Voldemort’s most attractive shirt.
4. This isn’t quite what the scene looked like in my dream, but my dream visuals are always blurred and vague. Here Margaret is a little witchy, because she’s wearing Hogwarts colors and looks like she’s casting a spell, but in the dream she was normal-world Margaret, which made it even funnier.

Good morning!

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