For those who are concerned

I got a couple of replies in my Flickr inbox from the “I love Asian women” guy. Here’s what he said.

Message #1, “Re: my photos”:

Wow, I totally didn’t mean it that way. From now on, I will watch my references. If you said, “I love black men”, I’d be very happy; however, everyone is different and my goal is to create smiles with my comments. I will change them.

BTW, I’m not some stalker, I just have an affinity for……women like you….. flowers and cats. That’s just me. Since you find that offensive, I will move on.


Fair enough. This was followed five days later with:

Message #2, “I saw the chapter in your book”:

First off, if this letter offends you, please tell me and I will stop all communication….

I understand why you didn’t like me referring to you as an “Asian” now. You felt like if I were to properly compliment you, your ethnicity should have nothing to do with it.

Well, with that being said, I still like women of your ethnicity are the most beautiful women on the planet, inside and out. I know you probably abhore being grouped into a lump catagory like that; however, certain eye structure, skin tone, size, and facial features are attractive to me.

Also fair.

It seems I judged the guy’s tone in his comments pretty accurately; I’d pegged him as an as-decent-as-average person who just didn’t know what he was doing, and his messages to me confirm that. I replied and told him I meant what I wrote about no hard feelings, and it’s fine with me if he wants to keep commenting on my photos, as long as he doesn’t reference my Asianness. And I thanked him for understanding, since I think those were some pretty nice emails.

Thank you to all of you who left me comments on my previous entry about this guy. I was still in post-end-of-term haze at that point and wasn’t coherent enough to leave the thoughtful replies that I felt your comments warranted (I think I got maybe 25 hours of sleep all that week, and I’m still recovering!), but I really, really appreciate the support.

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