Revised comic

Remember my comic from a month ago, “The Blank Canvas”? Our final project for creative writing class is to revise a story we wrote during the quarter, so I took on the challenge of revising “Blank Canvas.” I read Scott McCloud’s brilliant Making Comics for inspiration, and I’m immensely pleased with how the images came out. I’m extremely displeased with the story, however, especially the ending and the characterization of the parents. It’s hard enough putting ambiguities and subtleties into prose; I’ve discovered that I really have no idea how to do it in a comic. I’ll have to work on that.

I also found out that I really want digital images to play with when I’m revising a graphic story.

Here’s the extended, revised story. You can see it’s a lot more visually sophisticated than last time’s straight six-panel page.

Ooh my poor hand. I’ve got a very busy few days coming up, what with various obligations and finishing up a paper I wanted to have finished by today but which will now be due on Wednesday. After that, though — yay done! And I have been wanting for weeks to write on the subject of community and relationships, so I’m still hoping to get to that soon.

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