Return of the DDP

*This is a delayed post. I kept trying to upload this entry yesterday, but it wouldn’t work.*

It’s more like a Semi Regular Drawing Project now, but DDP is more catchy.

We did a lot of stuff this weekend, but I didn’t feel like writing it all out so I drew this instead. It’s got the essentials. Other events of note that I didn’t include here: Ed’s mom made the most delicious potato dumplings ever (I confess I ate them even though they were just covered in bacon, and BOY was that good), and I won a $20 Whole Foods gift card from the history department for my chocolate chocolate squishy cake (I think it should be called that from now on), voted best homemade dessert at the department picnic! Yay!

Summer is almost here, and it’s hard to stop the upwelling of gleeful going-to-do-nothing gloating. But this summer is going to be different since I’ll no longer officially be a student. I shouldn’t really allow myself this gloating. But I do anyway.

O M G newest favorite restaurant: Robert’s Russian Cuisine. Looooooove it!!!

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