Life has funny timing sometimes

The day after I spend almost my entire day writing a long entry about my insecurities, the UPS guy delivers the hugest confidence-booster and ability-affirmer I’ve gotten in a long time.


It’s the textbook I wrote a chapter for, a long long time ago! I just got paid for it earlier this week, and I was wondering whether they were going to send me a copy of the book as well, but here it is!

Look how excited I can’t help being. It’s my name in the table of contents!

The struggle to finish this chapter happened such a long time ago, and all the annoying subsequent edits did too, I’d almost forgotten about it all. I didn’t think I’d be so pleased when the thing was finally published, but I really am.

And look, it’s my chapter!!!

How wild is that??

It’s a very pretty book, very readable and they did a great job with the pictures and type and everything. I can’t wait to sit down with it and reread my chapter (which I hardly remember anymore), and read all the other contributors’ work too. I’m the only grad student and only non-published person who wrote a chapter. It’s so crazy.

I was so excited to see my book, I jumped around and took pictors of the kitties too. I really kind of pounced on them. They’re so shocked:

This chapter was never meant to be a big deal; both my advisor and the editor told me this kind of work counts for almost nothing on the CV (it’s not original research), and I think full-time scholars (like profs and advanced grad students) do this sort of thing as a matter of course. But STILL! I’m published in a BOOK! However low this may be on the academic scale of accomplishments, it’s still very affirming for me. I’m so pleased.

Oh, and if you are interested, I received $200 for my contribution. They warned me it would be measly. I am going to blow half of it this weekend on Pure Bliss!

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