Daily Drawing Project catch-up

Here are the three drawings I did while I was in (or en route to) San Jose.


I drew this on the plane going back to San Jose, just as we were landing, after reading an entire issue of Domino.


I came back from Cindy and Chris’s wedding all exhausted and thinking I would just skip the drawing. But I thought about how much fun I’d had in my outfit (two dresses layered, with a sash from another dress) and dancing in it (I had more energy than anyone!), so I tried to translate that into a drawing. The proportions are all wrong, but oh well.


Again, I was exhausted, having not slept well after the wedding and having gone on a run in the evening. So I just drew myself in my running clothes.

I had a very pleasant weekend of reunions with high school friends. It was a truly beautiful wedding and I have many photos to share, when I get around to editing them. But I’ll let this hold you for now:

Jennifer, Jackie, me, and Caroline.

I’m thinking of starting a writing-a-day project to complement the DDP, but it’ll be more like the daily freewrite journals we kept in Mr Thompson’s class in high school. Hopefully these writings will become journal entries, but maybe they won’t, if I end up writing down private opinions or thoughts I don’t have time to edit for public consumption. I’ll let you know how this goes.

I’ve had a really difficult time getting up for the past several mornings. I think my body is trying to tell me it simply won’t tolerate slightly-less-than-enough sleep anymore (for me what’s “enough” is about eight and a half to nine hours).

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