Hard work pays off, part deux

It has been ten days since I resolved to “grow up,” professionally, by preparing in advance for every meeting and working hard in between. The lazybones inside me is sorry to report that everything I have done in those ten days has only served to bear out my assertion that hard work and preparation are the foundations of authority. I have been extremely grown-up for these ten days: I have not been late for a single meeting or event, I have come to everything either prepared to do my part or equipped with the relevant information to make me a better participant, and I have been much, much, really ridiculously much, more confident as a result. Linda remarked today that I look happy, as if I had a secret. I find it actually a little bit frightening how well this prior-preparation stuff is working. This is all it takes?

That said, I have also been extremely tired this week. I suppose it might be the start of school again after such a lethargic summer, and all the energy it takes to be a well-prepared adult. I think our party also took a lot out of me, especially the cooking and all the consequent clean-up (which still is not even close to finished). Yesterday I actually felt a little faint in the morning, which never happens, and today I’ve been headachy and zoned, off and on, for the entire day. Still had an excellent first TAC-ing session, though, which seems to prove my ideas about prior preparation.

I’d love to write more, but I’m going to bed I think. Bedtime at eight-thirty, quoi?! But I’ve got to take care of myself… I don’t want to keep on being so exhausted.

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