A Small Spot of Happy Kitty-Mommy-Ness

I cut short my intended ten-day stay in San Jose this week to five days, because the last time we were away, our kitties seemed so desperately glad to see us at our return. I couldn’t bear to think of leaving them again so soon for so long, so I changed my flight dates (Erik is staying for a few more days, because of work). No doubt I’m crazy, but I can tell you this: the kitties are seriously happy I am back. I’m not just saying this as a deluded cat owner. They are noticeably delighted.

Of course, I’m not so devoted that I discount the possibility that they’re just pleased to have one of their regular slaves back. I recently read one woman’s wry observation that the only reason our pets give us their loyalty is because we’re bigger than they are: “If my little Snowball were the size of a lion, he’d eat me for breakfast,” she wrote (I paraphrase), “though I’d like to think he’d at least spare me a fond thought before gobbling me up.” Maybe it’s the same with all cats.

But maybe not. An hour ago I walked in the door after being away for my five days, and both Tisha and Lyapa came to greet me. Lyapa peered out cautiously first, but when she saw it was me she came over to welcome me back, and after Tisha heard my voice he hurried over too. For a good ten minutes after that, neither cat would let me out of their sight, but hovered around rubbing against me. Whenever I stopped petting them, Lyapa squeaked her protests, and when I got up from the floor to move to the couch, Tisha jumped up to follow me and broke his usual silence with a meow. Finally I left them and puttered around for a bit, but even after I finished, Lyapa still seemed to want to tell me how glad she was that I was back. She responded blissfully to my pats with a happy little “rrreow-meow, rrrreow-meow” that was a cross between a purr and her characteristic squeaking.

Maybe they would eat me if only they could, but with things the way they are I’m content just to be the lucky recipient of their kitty-love.

Check it out:

Stately Tisha


Dignified Tisha


Tisha in a totally undignified bliss-out of petting

🙂 Kitties!

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