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I found a good quote to go with yesterday’s entry:

“Everyone’s doing research nowadays,” said Tuppence. “I don’t know actually what they do research into, but they never seem to do it, whatever it is, afterwards. They just have the research and a good time doing the resarch and they’re very pleased with themselves and–well, I don’t quite know what does come next.”
–Agatha Christie, Postern of Fate.

I usually try not to do entries that are just lists of links, because there’s my Links page for that [link broken]. But since Patrick mentioned he might like that, here’s some additional procrastinatory power for you, Patrick.

It turns out “Asian flush” is a real health issue.

Donny Johnson, the life-sentenced artist I wrote about recently, has been disciplined for selling his art. Just take the last thing he’s got, why don’t you.

These fake motivational posters are kind of funny. I like the “boyfriend” one.

If you can’t boil an egg to save your life, there’s now help for you. I know a badly cooked egg is yucky, but I imagine there are other causes to which research funding can be directed… though the image is pretty, isn’t it? [original link broken, but the story was about this]

“French” is back on Congress’s menus — no more “freedom toast.” At least for now. [original link broken]

One blogger chronicles her experience attempting to scramble an emu egg. Funny and silly.

Japanese TV footage of a really mean, but funny, prank. [link broken] The second half really cracked me up.

A recent video from The Daily Show, one of the funniest I’ve seen yet. Two words: “baby juicer”. [link broken]

Amusing, if slightly disturbing, video of Bush and Condi Rice singing “Addicted to Oil” (parody of “Addicted to Love”). [link broken]

Wonderfully awful Finnish music video from the 80s.

I think that’s enough to be going on with!

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