One two three FOUR five six seven eight NINE ten eleven TWELVE

Eeeeeeee! *delighted little-kid chuckling* Look what Youtube has! All these great old clips from Sesame Street!
(Wait for it all to load. If you loved Sesame Street, you won’t be sorry.)

The pinball number count!

The yip-yip guys!

The two-headed monster!

How crayons are made!

How peanut butter is made!

The Teeny Little Super Guy!

The orange that sings opera!

The typewriter guy!

Don Music!


of course,

Bert and Ernie!

Ahhh, such lovely memories.

[This post was imported on 4/10/14 from my old blog at The pinball number count is seriously one of the best things ever. There are also compilations on YouTube!]


4 responses to “One two three FOUR five six seven eight NINE ten eleven TWELVE

  1. aw such good memories!!

    This was so much fun to watch again! 😀 Thanks for putting them up! There’s a lot you miss as a kid. And all those lessons that I doubt we realized we were watching. HHEEEEEEEEREEEEEE FISHY FISHY FISHY!!!


    • Re: aw such good memories!!

      I know!!!! Wasn’t that fun? I figured out of all the people who read this journal, you and maybe Wei-Ling would understand this best. 🙂 I didn’t even remember all these things until I saw them on Youtube. Ahhh, lovely.

  2. hi lisa!

    What treasures! I love these clips! I especially like the peanut butter and crayon making ones. They cleared up such mysteries for me as a child. And the yip yip guys, those guys are the best. hee hee. Sigh good times.

    Thanks for posting them!

    • Hi Margaret! I’m glad you enjoyed them. We really have all these Youtube users to thank for uploading these things. 🙂 I loved the peanut butter and crayon making ones too. I still think of the peanut butter one every now and then when I eat peanut butter, but I’d forgotten all about the crayon one so I was delighted to find it again.

      Hope your week is going well!


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