Give it up for The Relaxed Trowel!

From this quiz [link broken, but there are other quizzes there] I have discovered some very cool aliases:

Your movie star name: White Peach Yat

Your detective name: Cat Leland

Your rock star name: Dark Chocolate Cheetah

Your punk rock band name: The Relaxed Trowel

There were some other names as well, but none as cool as these.

I’m home now in San Jose till Saturday.

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5 responses to “Give it up for The Relaxed Trowel!

  1. silly

    My punk rock band name is the happy paper clip. haha. and I am Cat Leland as well. Hmm now that is something to investigate… 😀 and you used yat. i used henry. so my movie star name is not very glamorous. “Cheese Henry”. 😐


    • Re: silly

      I thought about using Henry, but then decided to use Yat. I’m glad I did. 🙂 Cheese Henry sounds like a casserole dish.

      The Happy Paper Clip! That’s awesome. 🙂

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