Cutest cookies ever

Okay, so I’m no food stylist, but OMG these cookies are so cute.

A long time ago I bought a pair of tart pans at a garage sale, and the seller gave me some cookie-press disks along with them. Recently I decided to order a cookie press so I could try out the disks.

I am so beyond delighted with the press, which comes in a nifty storage box, and I am also thrilled and relieved that my garage-sale disks fit the press. Now I can make many many cookies in funny shapes! Like flowers or… camels. (The camel was one of the garage-sale disks.)

2006 May 25 - Cookie-press cookies

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4 responses to “Cutest cookies ever

    • Re: oooh!

      I brought these to class tonight, and people thought the camels were the mess-ups. ;b I guess because they didn’t look like flowers and people couldn’t tell *what* they were. Then I explained and they were all like, “Ohhhhhhh!!!! Camels!!!”

  1. Yummy

    Hey Lisa,

    Those do look yummy and I wish I had one right now with a cold glass of milk.

    Heather 🙂

    • Re: Yummy

      Hi Heather! I wish I could send you some because I have tons!! They’ll be great with milk because they have a nice crunch to them.

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