Not exactly newsworthy information, but it’s an update, right?

Hee. I scraped by with an “Acceptable” on The Leaky Cauldron’s Harry Potter IQ Test.

I’m taking a breather — we’ve finally moved nearly everything into the new apartment, AND we now have phone service (same number) and internet, so we’re good to go.

I suppose you want pictures — well, here’s all I’ve got for now:

Do you think I have enough books?

2006 April - New apartment - Bookstacks

Some of my nifty new wall-mounted kitchen equipment
2006 April - New apartment - Wallmounts

2006 April - New apartment - Wallmounts2

Oy… so tired. Going to get offline now and rest.

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One response to “Not exactly newsworthy information, but it’s an update, right?

  1. Hello

    Hey Lisa,

    Sorry I could not make it to the dinner. Too much to do and too long of a drive and a too early wake-up call. I am here at the OAH and having a pretty good time. Don’t really know enough people, but I did bail Richard White out at the bar (the bartender would not give him a drink because he did not have his drink ticket) I became indignant and the mgr gave both drink tickets. Hee Hee!! Great WWII session and the Library of Congress was great. Now I am having a glass of vino in the lounge waiting for my honey to arrive. See you on Monday…the quest for books begins….


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