Cut cut cut

It’s the last week of the quarter and I’m going insane with trying to grade 40+ student papers and exams, finish my own research paper, continue shindig planning* and deal with spring break vacation plans.

But the bread knife I ordered a week ago arrived today and OMG I am so happy. It’s pretty and ergonomic and sharp. You don’t realize how dull your old knives are until you’ve used a really sharp one. I went and cut up all my crusty bread because slicing bread is such a pleasure with a sharp knife… it was good timing that I baked Irish soda bread yesterday. Now I want the supercute blue fish knife that matches… the handle has a fishie shape! Eeee! [original links to knives are broken, but you can look up Pure Komachi bread knife or fish knife. I still have both!]

Well, I warned you that I was losing my mind. But I am totally beside myself with excitement at my new knife.

*No not all invitations have gone out yet, so if you haven’t gotten one don’t assume you’ve been forgotten.

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6 responses to “Cut cut cut

  1. query

    is the blue fish knife in any way a metaphor for the editing of a research paper? or is it a metaphor for the way you will grade exams?


  2. How is it going

    I am also going insane. My final in sociology is due tomorrow and it really sucks! I just so much in my brain and to tell you the truth, I could care less about this final. How is your paper for Jan going? Almost done? Let me know–

    Love, Heather

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