Cloud of love

I was thinking tonight
about love
not just the romantic kind

Because I talked to lots of people I love,
and I was just thinking
about them in my life
and what it means to give love
and get love

With everyone I love, I try to give love
the same to all of them
as much as I can
but they don’t all respond the same way.

With some people, I get respect
but a certain amount of distance.
With others, I get some love of their own
but still a little bit of distance.
These are the people
I can’t really get close to.

With some people, I get love back,
but only when they have time,
or energy, to give their love.
With others, I get love back,
but not the same way I give my love.
Both of these
can sometimes
be confusing.

And then there are the ones
who take my love and give it back to me
full force

Which is a little unexpected sometimes
since there are so many more of the other kind of people

But their love becomes a sort of cloud around me
that holds me up when things are bad

And when things are good
this cloud of love wraps around me
into a beautiful peace

Or it sends me soaring

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