Another diversion

Here, if you can’t stand the semi-intellectual content of some of my recent posts, have a snack.

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Kyoho grapes are just the loveliest things. They have a delicate, rosy sweetness to them, and their insides are so tender as to be almost meltingly soft… which is why I half-peel most of mine before I eat them. Eaten alone, they are better than the best dessert (which you know is saying a lot, coming from me), and they also keep remarkably well in the fridge, thus making them well worth every penny of the $4.00 I paid for them last Thursday at the Westwood farmers’ market.

I would never say grapes are my favorite fruit, but those of you who know my tastes well already know that I get seriously, psychotically rapturous whenever there are Muscats to be had. They’re just so fragrant and delicious… especially when cold… *goes off into dreamy, blissful mouth-waterings*

I do like grapes of any sort, particularly green ones, but muscats and Kyoho grapes are absolutely the food of the gods, no question about it. Compared to these heavenly gifts, the varieties you get at the supermarket are just so many forgettable little balls of juice and sugar.

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