Tortellini recipe

I’m still writing, but it’s going well and I’m pleased, and that’s half the battle.

I have just invented this for a late-night snack, and it’s so good I have to share. There are no measurements in this recipe, so go with your gut feeling, the amount of pasta you’re using, and what you like.

A Quick and Tasty Sauce for Filled Pasta
Boil some water and get your PASTA cooking.*

Fry a few cloves of GARLIC in a generous amount of OLIVE OIL. Careful with this so the oil doesn’t splatter on you. Don’t let the garlic burn–turn off the heat before it gets there.

Then add COARSE SALT and BLACK PEPPER, and stir in some SLICED ALMONDS.** Leave it all in the pan on the stove. One more time: make sure the heat is off, so the garlic doesn’t burn!

When the pasta is done cooking, drain it and turn the pan (the one with the garlic and almonds in it, not the pasta pot) back onto low heat. Drop the drained pasta into the pan and stir to coat everything thoroughly. Then put it on a plate or into a bowl and eat it while it’s warm. I don’t think you want to eat all that oil after it’s cold.


*I used small cheese tortellini from Trader Joe’s. They’re sold dried, so the filling is a bit harder and more compacted than in fresh pastas. This might make a difference in how this turns out.

**You could probably use regular salt too. You could also make this without the almonds, but it would be much less fun. If you don’t want to have them because you don’t know what to do with sliced almonds, I like to stir them into oatmeal, or press them into the outsides of cookies before I bake them. But if you need me to tell you what to do with them, you probably never make oatmeal from scratch or cookies either. Well, just eat them then with some raisins or something. Almonds are good for you: they have fiber, calcium, iron, and vitamin e! Oh yeah, and some people also cook them with broccoli or string beans, but I’m not into that.

Oh, you could probably use sunflower seeds or pepitas (pumpkin seeds), instead, if you have those but not almonds. Or maybe even walnuts chopped into little pieces. Peanuts would probably be gross though.

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