A diversion

It’s been hot here for a few days, the kind of heat that induces lethargy. Fortunately I haven’t had much wish to be active, so I’ve spent two pleasant days doing essentially nothing but lazing about (though I did get out to Venice for a two-hour dance class last night, so I’m not completely indolent). But this afternoon I hit my laziness wall, so after reading a little, and eating a little, and going out and running some errands (dry cleaning, post office, gas station), I got bored. But not enough to do any serious work. Sigh. The travails of summer vacation.

I resorted to making an avocado facial mask as a temporary diversion. It was certainly very calming (and weird) to lie down for ten minutes with mashed avocado all over my face.

2005 June 22 - PostAvadoe

Did it make my skin look any better? I don’t know. My skin is always pretty nice. Good genes. I always get some little zits when it’s really hot out and I have to keep wiping my face with my grubby hands (that’s why there’s some redness on my nose in the photo; it’s not avocado-related), but that’s about it. I don’t even get monthly breakouts like some girls do. So I don’t know if the avocado mask did anything, but at least it occupied me for fifteen minutes. And that’s not including the time I’ve used taking photos and writing this entry. So it wasn’t a total waste.

But now I’m bored again. Maybe… I should do some work… ?

And I’m out of peaches, you know. Otherwise I could eat one of those and be put to rights again.

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4 responses to “A diversion

  1. quote

    hey Lisa,

    how was dancing? i am up for the next time, let me know.

    i like your quote: “at least it occupied me for 15 minutes.” it reminds me of that movie with hugh grant (i think its called ‘about a boy’) when he divides his day up into units of time (haircut= 30 minutes = 1 unit or something like that)


    • Re: quote

      It was great! Ended up being two hours instead of one and a half. It was challenging but good, lots of good dancers there.

      You feeling better?

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