An irreverent aside

If there were a reality show called “America’s Next Top Historian” or some such, and I were on the show, I’d be the girl who gets cut because she doesn’t want it badly enough. All the other boy and girl aspiring-historians would be sweating and panting and cutting each other’s throats in their efforts to concoct the most original theses, and I’d be the one standing there in a cute outfit pointing at the cover of some monograph: “Ooh, I like the font on that one.”

Just a strange comparison that suddenly popped into my head. I think it’s pretty apt. I’m not going to think about it any more just yet, because I for once am actually getting some work done tonight. But in a few hours, soon as I turn off the lights and get into bed, I think I’ll spend my last waking moments of the day trying to figure out just what this means.

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3 responses to “An irreverent aside

  1. Nonsense


    I think we all think that way, and if not, we could use more historians like you. See, yo actually have a life, common sense, and you say “problematic” instead of “problematical.” That counts for alot in my book.

    Where are the party pictures?!


    • Re: Nonsense

      YOU COMMENTED!!!!! *beam*

      Well, I meant it jokingly; I didn’t mean that I feel so down about my abilities that I’m insecure about them. But I spend a lot of time (read: procrastinate a lot) looking at the episode recaps of Next Top Model online, and there are always these models who have tons of potential but who get axed because they don’t seem as into the profession as their competitors. So I was thinking the fact that I do “have a life” as you put it, and don’t get sucked into the academic pressure to say things like “quotidian”–I’d be cut from the reality show. 🙂 I don’t know who’d be the last left standing, but I think I’m the only one who’d be cut on this particular basis.

      The pictures may not be up until after Wednesday. 😦 It’s not uploading them that takes time, it’s editing them.

      Yaaaaay thank you for commenting! You’re awesome!

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