Public service announcement

People, please: if you are at the library, which is where I am now, and your significant other shows up and joins you, kindly refrain from talking and kissing each other with loud smacking sounds. It is very distracting, not to mention distasteful. I like kisses as much as anyone, but more than one audible kiss in a quiet place is just gross.

I am sure you dear readers would never do such a thing, but just in case, I am telling you my opinion on the matter! IT’S GROSS!

I may delete this entry later, or I may not. I just needed to rant for a moment.

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9 responses to “Public service announcement

  1. agreed!

    hahahahhahahaahaha. truly hilarious. i couldn’t agree more. =)

    it sounds like you may be a bit stressed? this totally reminds me of how i would react to PDA’s during times of stress.

    hope things are going well.


    • Re: agreed!

      Hahaha, it does sound like you when you’re stressed. 😉 Oh man I miss you. Haha, um, not just because you like to yell at people when you’re stressed… I just got a very vivid picture of you, and that made me wish you were here so we could go off on PDA-ing people together. ;b

      Well, I’m not stressed in general, but I do tend to get a little cranky when I have to do library research here, because the libraries are full of undergrads and I don’t quite know my way around yet, and carrying my backpack and books and my borrowed laptop makes me tired. I’m glad UCLA has laptops for us to use, but I wish they could have gotten some lighter ones. ;b Plus the laptop typing situation is very not-ergonomic so my wrists start hurting very quickly. So I guess I am a little stressed, you could say, temporarily.

  2. ranting is good for you. I rant, therefore I am. and I agree with you. there is a whole number of things that make noise that I think people should avoid from doing in a library. and they don’t. 😦

    • Ranting is good for me; that’s why I figured I’d better rant in my journal than go around irritated all day at some silly people.

      Not long after I wrote the entry I moved to a different section of the library, which also seemed quiet and mostly empty. Then one of the guys there started listening to music on his headphones, and it was loud enough for me to hear it. Apparently there was another guy sitting close to him who was also listening to the same music on headphones, because then they started exchanging comments about the music. Thankfully I was past getting mad at noisy people because of my entry. But I did move again.

  3. During senior year, and Garrett and I went to the library to do some studying. We were by the stairs, so insofar as people must walk up and down, we expected some noise. However, a bunch of Asian kids – you just knew they were freshmen – had rallied at a table on the floor below. They were talking and giggling, and one of them opened a package of candy. You could hear the candy scattering all over the table and dropping onto the floor; more talking and giggling ensued. Finally, when Garrett had had enough, he leaned over the railing and yelled, “SHUT UP!” It was quiet immediately. My hero.

    The point: don’t remove this entry. The people need to know. (It’s appalling that they don’t, already.)

  4. totally off the subject…

    I just read your food heaven list and i am very VERY zelo now for some scrumptious splurging food. very.

    too bad davis does not have good food places. though i have yet to try out the meals from cioccolat. their desserts were yummy though, if you remember. and i hear there’s a good indian restaurant that i want to try out. i’ll wait for a nice occassion since it’s a little nicer. i guess for now i’ll have to settle for my apple. :[


    • Re: totally off the subject…

      Hehe I’m glad you liked the list. I wrote it when I was sooooo hungry, late at night, and it was so much fun to come up with everything. Then when I was done, oddly enough, I wasn’t hungry anymore. I think my brain mentally feasted and then decided it had had enough food.

      Apples are good!


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