If you thought the Hummer was bad…

I wasn’t going to allow myself to update the journal or the site until I finished my work for the day, but this article made me so angry I had to post.

A new “extreme truck,” the CXT, is beginning to get orders and attention from what the NYT calls “the rich, famous, and environmentally indifferent.” The CXT, which weighs in at about seven tons (more than twice the weight of the Hummer H2) and rides at the same height as a big rig, can cost up to $120,000 when souped up with its many available perks. To put it another way, for the amount of money one would pay for the cheapest model of this ridiculous, gas-guzzling, unsafe monstrosity, I could live in my current apartment at my current rent for more than nine years. And I don’t live in a cheap apartment.

It’s freaking filthy disgusting that this car exists. And utterly irresponsible that people who could feed thousands on their absurdly inflated salaries would choose to purchase it.

*calms self momentarily after rant*

On a positive note, I’m well rested and in the process of catching up on my schoolwork, I’m going to bake palmiers later for my cohort, and I had a lovely weekend with Erik that involved live music, live comedy, other friends, and much deliciousness. (By the way, I made most of the food with suggestions from Erik, but he took most of the photos.)




Yogurt cobbler


But I am really angry and disgusted about the CXT.

[This post was imported on 4/10/14 from my old blog at satsumabug.livejournal.com.]


2 responses to “If you thought the Hummer was bad…

  1. odear.

    that is problematic. someone should do something! i say we begin by keying every one of these cars that we see.


  2. couldn’t they try going the other way and making cars more environmentally friendly? :p

    on another note, that much money would pay for less than eight years at my current apartment at my current rent 😦


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