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I went to work today, then went straight from there to Al’s tennis people’s party. It was pretty much all mommies and kids, but I indulged in tons of veggie dip, macaroni and cheese, and veggie spring rolls, and discovered the joys of DDR. I think this was my first time playing DDR since dance class, and though I’ve certainly lost most of my dance fitness by now, I’ve apparently retained some of the training about balancing my weight and moving my feet. Got very sweaty and happy; even after Shra quit I kept going solo and according to the counter burned slightly more than fifty-three calories. Alas, all that perspiring to burn the caloric value of less than one banana. Oh well. I loved it and it reminded me–oh right, I really really like cardio exercise!

Got home and talked to Tina on the phone, nice to remember what conversation with girl friends feels like. Then seized the opportunity (while rest of family was still at tennis party) to use my new cookbook secret Santa gift (Nigella Lawson’s Feast). Baked butter cookies and roped in Shra and Erik to help decorate. Now my back hurts and my feet are sore but so so many beautiful cookies made tonight! Check my photo page [link broken, but some photos re-uploaded below] to see the pictures. Don’t forget I now have a new home page and every time I update any of my pages, I’ll put the date on the homepage.

Cookies I made for others

Favorite cookies

If you’re reading this, you’re in better shape than thousands of earthquake and tsunami victims in Asia. Contribute anything you can to help them survive and rebuild. Send your donations through Mercy Corps or, as Indigo suggests, Doctors Without Borders, or any other worthy organization. What good is money if we don’t use it to help others? For that matter, what good is it to be human if we don’t reach out to the rest of humanity whenever we have the chance?

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