I received a wonderful postcard today from Tina. It inspired me to dig out some of my old postcards and remake–in a fashion–the old mosaic of stuff I had on my wall in my Berkeley apartment.

Lisa in her 'home office'

I don’t think there’s much point to re-sticking old movie ticket stubs up in my new place, especially since most of them are yellowing rapidly (low-quality, non-acid-free paper!), but I decided I do want to create a new wall of stuff. I’ve started modestly and as more people send me things, and I go to more events, the mosaic will grow.

2004 November - North wall small

2004 November - North wall

2004 November - South wall zoomed-out

2004 November - South wall

If you spent a lot of time in my apartment maybe you’ll recognize which is Tina’s postcard. 🙂

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