Comfort me with chocolate

I don’t normally eat out of stress, but I’m so frustrated over this election I just gave up all semblance of self-control today. I didn’t finish my reading for class, I haven’t gone to bed yet, I’ve been eating chocolate all day. When I got home from class and saw the tallies I was so full of restless energy I had to bake chocolate chip walnut cookies. Now it’s past one a.m. and here I am still staring at, the plate of cookies next to me:

Election Day chocolate chip walnut cookies


3 responses to “Comfort me with chocolate

  1. Woah…

    As I read your entry, I scrolled down to the picture. When I saw the cookies, a exhalation of wonder escaped my lips. The cookies look absolutely scrumptious. Words cannot describe their scrumptiousness. Like fat little balls of chocolate encased in warm dough. Which will be much needed if the election results are unpleasant. Current tally: Bush 254, Kerry 252. Agonizing.

    • Re: Woah…

      Hi Lauren 🙂

      I’m glad you liked the cookie pictures. I wish I could send you some. They’re not bad, but they’re not as good as they look, unfortunately.

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