I cave in to my addiction

Thanks to my new land line and a very long phone cord I am able to cave in to my internet addiction and get online. BUT I refuse to waste hours on dialup again so I am not going on AIM until the cable gets installed. So if you see me on before Wednesday, do your best to boot me off.

I had to write about this though. This morning I woke up from a dream amused and laughing at my own imagination. I had been pregnant (I know this part came from a book I read yesterday) and had given birth to a feisty girl–she bit everyone in the delivery room, just to let them know she’d arrived. So we named her Rose Alligator. Just as I was waking up I thought, “We can call her Allie for short.”

We used to call Allison that, too (we spelled it Ally), when she was a baby. Ally-baby. That was before she turned into someone better described as Al.

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