Eating in LA

Before I left for LA, I told friends that they had my permission to beat me with a baguette if I came back all skinny and refusing to eat because it would make me fat.

Now I have been here for one month and it has become quite apparent that despite all the stick-thin girls wearing headband-like skirts–no, make that women, since there are, as Erik says, lots of “sleazy older people” here too–I am not going to succumb to the glitzy lure of Hollywood skinniness. (Actually it’s kind of nice being fatter than all the anorexic girls. I don’t get checked out as much since the leggy blondes are a dime a dozen.)

Four years at Berkeley eating at the likes of Maya, Le Charm, Unicorn, and all the other great eateries SF and the East Bay have to offer completely spoiled me, gastronomically, but have also somewhat dulled my taste for expensive food and fancy restaurants. After a while there’s only so much $24 artistically plated food you can handle. Okay, and also Erik makes the money in this relationship and he doesn’t live here, but really, that’s not the real reason. Even with Erik accompanying and offering to pay, I’m not as interested in “nice” restaurants anymore.

Unfortunately, I am now living in LA, where, Kerwin says, “great cheap eats are the classic LA ride.” Yes, you have to drive everywhere, and then find parking, but there is most definitely good food to be found for cheap, all over the place. So now I have new food avenues to explore, and less walking to do, so unless I find a good way of exercising ASAP, I am going to get really fat. Even as I write this I am digging into my half-pound box of English toffee from Littlejohn’s in the Farmers Market. After eating half the box I have suddenly thought to look at its back side, which lists the ingredients:

English Toffee
Butter, sugar, almonds or pecans, chocolate & lecithin.


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