Quavering voices and the new manly man

Here‘s an interesting NYT article Mommy sent me, about voice analysis technology. It works a bit like a lie detector, scanning your voice for subtle emotional clues, but now they’re applying it to other uses.

A blurb that amused me:

Mr. Liberman said that improvements in the technology accounted for part of the increased acceptance, but that public perception had also been crucial. He cited the microwave oven, which took decades to find routine use. “That was also very frightening at first, nuking the food,” he said.

Here‘s another interesting article on the changing appearance of Hollywood leading men:

“We have a lot of pretty guys running around with six-pack abs, but they lack authenticity and credibility,” said Robert Newman, a leading agent at International Creative Management. “In the 1950’s a lot of men had been in the war; some of them became actors. They lived hard lives. There was a weight that came out of it.”

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