not a long update

I left my wrist guards upstairs and I know I’m either (a) too lazy to go get them or (b) going to get distracted by the time I get upstairs so I never make it back to the computer for my update. So, no long update right now. My wrists can’t take it. They’ve been worse of late because of all my typing at work, because of endless downward facing dogs at Power Yoga last week (the whole concept of Power Yoga bothers me; true yoga gives you serious power anytime you do it… so I think of Power Yoga as just a workout, like step aerobics or babysitting a two-year-old), and because of the kneading I’ve been doing: whole wheat bread, three pizzas, and today, challah. I’ve ordered some new wrist guards that I hope will be better than my current three kinds, but we’ll see when they get here.

I just ate the weirdest thing, but it was great. Cucumber sticks in “dip”–dip being soft-scrambled eggs with thin slices of red onion.

Okay ouch wrists. I’ll be back later, or when I remember.

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