Tomato-Brie sandwich

Ahhh… finished the paper that has been hanging over me for weeks, started a hilarious book (Augusten Burroughs’s Running with Scissors), and had a fresh-baked loaf of French bread at my apartment and then dinner at La Note with Dana. Dana and I had a great conversation over green salad, smoked salmon with goat cheese and capers on levain bread, a delicious sandwich with roasted tomatoes and probably half a pound of Brie in it, a Pagnol (my favorite drink at La Note) and a refreshing sparkling water with lemon syrup in it, and profiteroles with chocolate sauce and a bizarre concoction which Dana described aptly as “chewy ice cream”. Toward the end of the meal I realized that I could call this the second anniversary of my relationship with La Note–the first time I went was the Friday before spring break, two years ago, for Ying’s birthday (21 March it is).

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