Jeremiah was a bullfrog!

I’ve spent this week of dance class going crazy because I can’t dance and have to just sit and watch everyone else. They’re learning stag leaps, which I love, and these great turns in contraction, and spot turns, which I’m bad at and could really use some practice with. Argh! But today Marni set them up to do turns across the room in groups of three, one group coming from one side of the room, and the other group coming from the other side, so that you wound up with six dancers weaving through one another, doing turns in opposing directions. I watched my classmates doing this and I was filled with joy.

Now I’m home because I had to come back and make a phone call, and they put me on hold for a while so I was going to be late for my Chinese class anyway. So I decided not to go. ;b I’m just too comfortable here. But I’ll do something productive to make it worthwhile.

I’ve been talking to some friends lately about how this semester is shaping up. It’s my last semester and I hardly have any real classes, yet I’m busier, more tired, and simultaneously more stressed out and more relaxed than I’ve been in any other semester in the past four years. How does that work?!

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