yay for love and kindness

As a historian, I’ve read more than my share about what horrible things human beings can do to one another and to the world around them. But I’ve also seen great human kindness. I believe deep down that things are getting better and that people really care and want to do good. It may be a foolish belief, a deluded one, but I intend to hang on to it. Without this belief, what would be the point of living? Pessimism and distrust? Selfish hedonism? What kind of life is that?

Here’s a lovely piece to make us all take heart. Midwesterners are sending flowers to the gay couples getting married in San Francisco. It always makes me so happy and awed to see people reaching out to one another, especially to strangers. In this sad, scary, and confusing(ed?) world we live in, it’s such a relief to know that such good can still happen–and such a confirmation of my optimism to see them happening.

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