Sue Shi

I made sushi tonight for the first time ever and it turned out well. And I had no bamboo mat, either. I consider it a product of the hands-off no-questions-allowed crash course I received last week at Joshu-Ya, when they were insanely busy and Erik and I could only get seats at the sushi bar and our food took so long to come we had probably an hour with nothing to do but watch the sushi chef. It was such a good show–he worked ridiculously quickly and well–we wanted to tip him when we left, but we weren’t sure if that was allowed, and anyway there was no way he could take the time out to take the money, thank us, then wash his hands before making more sushi. So I guess I’m paying him back in advertising. Everyone go to Joshu-Ya! On Dwight at Telegraph (northwest corner), open for lunch and dinner, crowded on weekend evenings, nice place, great sushi, and the sushi chef is very attentive and gracious even when he is very busy. I like their recent special Lion King roll–it’s baked so it’s hot when you get it.

Anyway this is what I made: Tamago nigiri, vegetable and avocado, and tempura shrimp vegetable and avocado.


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