It was just waiting to happen

The New York Times Magazine has an article on high schoolers and their blogs. It discusses some of the aspects of blogs I’ve been thinking about, myself–I wrote about my journal in my grad school personal statement–like the possibility for community. Anyway, if no one else bothers to read the article, Kiyomi, I’m posting this for you because I think you might enjoy it.

Here’s another interesting Magazine article, on an organic diner in Vermont. Sample:

. . . “local food” has become almost an oxymoron. In an era in which 10 companies supply more than half the food and drink sold in the United States, in which processed and prepackaged are the norm and hydrogenated oil is practically a national beverage, in which the average apple, chicken breast or lettuce head travels more than 1,500 miles from grower to consumer, the Farmers Diner is so old it’s radically new. There has been a rumbling of concerns among some people — activists, moms — over health and environmental issues related to the centralization of food. But lying beneath the concerns, surely, is the simple, ineffable yearning for lettuce, tomatoes and burgers that taste the way they’re supposed to.

Actually, it’s high fructose corn syrup that is the national beverage (read your product labels and you’ll see), but hydrogenated oil is not far behind.

Currently: Reading chapters of James Herriot’s All Creatures Great and Small while browsing online comics and reading the Magazine.

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2 responses to “It was just waiting to happen

  1. “and what can i get for you to drink today ma’am?” “i’d like some high fructose corn syrup please.”

    bleeghh!! and i read that blog article too!! it reminded me that i should be doing homework instead of staying online. hm… and yes they should bring issues like this up more often. healthy food is always good. yes. but of course i still would like that high fructose corn syrup with my dinner.


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