Oh my goodness I just had the most fun discussion section ever. Prof Henkin had had to reschedule one of our discussions because he had to be out of town, so we were having a make-up final meeting today. He’d promised us food, so I brought gingersnaps and figured maybe one other person might bring something. Well, I walk into class, and Steve (Acme Bread Steve, as described in an earlier entry) hands me an individually-wrapped eight-ounce panettone and says “Happy holidays!” He’s brought one for every person in the class (fourteen). Leah has brought clementines and Maren has brought powdered-sugar-dusted chocolate cupcakes. Then Prof Henkin announces that his food is on the way. “Oh no,” I groan, “was it a mistake for me to eat lunch?” He smiles, a smile which I think would best be described as humorous. “It may have been a mistake.” Moments later a white-haired man who looks like the stereotypical Old World restaurant owner walks in carrying a box, followed by a younger man who looks like the stereotypical restaurant hand, carrying more boxes. They’re from Ristorante Raphael and they’ve brought us gourmet pizzas, salad, sauteed mushrooms in garlic, and Italian sparkling water. The older man is Noah–as in Noah’s Bagels Noah! “Noah and I go back a long way,” says Prof Henkin. Secret lives of professors! I was about to fall over. First the panettone, then this food, and Noah, and I ATE LUNCH! I could have whacked my head against the wall. But I managed to eat, anyway, and we had a fun discussion and ended with a toast, led by Cometria. I’m going to miss this class. Most of the time, discussions have about half the class not listening, one-quarter listening and not caring, and another quarter caring way too much and doing all the talking. But in this class everyone talked, everyone was smart and funny and nice, and they’re really interesting people outside of class besides. I’m really sorry the group has to split up. I’d like to get to know everyone in it better.

Now I’m home and energized, with three panettones (Steve brought two extra and I wound up with them… no I didn’t grab them. Not exactly.), and I have our tutoring holiday dinner and party to go to now! Aaah too much food! And I have to write my paper for our seminar too…

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