Food writing

Oh, it’s Alan Davidson! I think his writing is just wonderful. His Oxford Companion to Food sits right next to my dinner table, and Erik and I are always pulling it out during meals when we think of some knotty food question and need to know the answer. The Magazine article describes the reading experience very well, and includes some delightful-sounding dessert recipes.

I’ve mentioned Davidson before.

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2 responses to “Food writing

  1. yea cell block tango!!

    the cell block tango scene is one of my favorite parts of the movie. ning and i have adopted it as “our song”. haha which is ironic because it’s a rather out of character song for the both of us. it became our song after we went kareoking and sang that together. sweet! he had it coming… he had it coming.. he only had himself to blame… if you’da seen it, if you’da been there – i’m sure that you would have done the same! whee… i really should be asleep. HEE… hi lisa 😉 ~ alison

    • Re: yea cell block tango!!

      🙂 I’ve been listening to the soundtrack for a week now and all the songs have been stuck in my head alternately. You can ask Erik–last night I serenaded him with “Mr Cellophane” the WHOLE NIGHT.

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