Long posts or short?

Thought: Which seems more readable: when I write several short entries throughout the day, or when I write one big long entry? When I write a long one, I wonder if no one will read it because it seems so prohibitively long. When I write many short ones day after day, it seems like there are a billion possibly superficial and uninteresting updates, and that’s also uninviting.

Of course, fundamentally I write for me and no one else, but let’s face realities here. If blog writers were really only writing for themselves, why go through the trouble of posting entries on the internet? It’s much easier to just type into Word, which is what I do, sometimes, when I have a truly private thought to write down. I enjoy having an audience, and I like to think my journal brings some information, joy, humor, or thoughtful reflection into the lives of at least some other people out there. But not everyone who reads blogs leaves comments, I realize (I’m guilty of the same, on others’ journals), and thus I’m left without a complete picture of my readership.

For the time being, though, I’d better go to sleep. I’m not too tired, but I’ve learned from experience that if I don’t get enough sleep I’m just incapable of functioning the next day. I’ve had one of those days that feels productive but doesn’t yield much tangible result, so I don’t know whether to be pleased with myself. Hmm, another thought: I missed my nightly conversation with Erik tonight. Wednesdays he works late and we don’t get to talk. Maybe that’s why I’m writing a longer entry here. Maybe I just need to get a certain amount of rumination in every day (makes me sound like a cow), and since I didn’t get to have my long talk with Erik, I turn to my livejournal.

Now I’m going to go through the last couple of weeks or so of entries and see if the longer ones correspond to the nights I have shorter or no conversations with Erik…

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