You know what really scares me about the world we live in? Well, okay, lots of things. But here’s something I’m chewing on at the moment.

Unlike most other females, I don’t have a shoe fetish. I admire cute shoes, I like having cute shoes, but I will not buy five pairs of shoes just because they’re on sale, or go completely gaga just because Macy’s is having a big shoe sale. In the past few years, I’ve only shopped for shoes when I needed them, never “just because.” Today Maren came over to my apartment to pick up a book for 103 reading, and wanted to know where I kept my shoes. I said that compared to most girls, I don’t have a lot of shoes. I opened the hall closet to show her. She looked in, and agreed, “Yeah, you really don’t have that many shoes.” So it’s not just me.

Now, I have thirteen pairs of shoes. (I only really wear five of them, but that’s besides the point.) Is it weird that thirteen pairs of shoes is not considered excessive by normal girl standards? I find that disturbing. There was a time when I would have been really happy to have lots of shoes; this is the same four-year period during which I read InStyle every month and really wanted to have tailored designer clothes and tons of makeup. The positive consequence of this era is that I now know a lot more about fashion and makeup than a lot of other nerdy scholars like me, but these days, I feel like five pairs of shoes is pretty exciting. With five pairs of shoes I have choice and variation, and they’re all comfortable. So… yeah. I’m disturbed that the visual image of thirteen pairs of shoes can strike at least two of us females as “not that many shoes”.

Tell me then: how many pairs of shoes do you have? Not counting all those old ones you left at home or in the garage or whatever, but how many pairs do you keep at your apartment or at hand in your shoe closet?

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