You know what really scares me about the world we live in? Well, okay, lots of things. But here’s something I’m chewing on at the moment.

Unlike most other females, I don’t have a shoe fetish. I admire cute shoes, I like having cute shoes, but I will not buy five pairs of shoes just because they’re on sale, or go completely gaga just because Macy’s is having a big shoe sale. In the past few years, I’ve only shopped for shoes when I needed them, never “just because.” Today Maren came over to my apartment to pick up a book for 103 reading, and wanted to know where I kept my shoes. I said that compared to most girls, I don’t have a lot of shoes. I opened the hall closet to show her. She looked in, and agreed, “Yeah, you really don’t have that many shoes.” So it’s not just me.

Now, I have thirteen pairs of shoes. (I only really wear five of them, but that’s besides the point.) Is it weird that thirteen pairs of shoes is not considered excessive by normal girl standards? I find that disturbing. There was a time when I would have been really happy to have lots of shoes; this is the same four-year period during which I read InStyle every month and really wanted to have tailored designer clothes and tons of makeup. The positive consequence of this era is that I now know a lot more about fashion and makeup than a lot of other nerdy scholars like me, but these days, I feel like five pairs of shoes is pretty exciting. With five pairs of shoes I have choice and variation, and they’re all comfortable. So… yeah. I’m disturbed that the visual image of thirteen pairs of shoes can strike at least two of us females as “not that many shoes”.

Tell me then: how many pairs of shoes do you have? Not counting all those old ones you left at home or in the garage or whatever, but how many pairs do you keep at your apartment or at hand in your shoe closet?

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12 responses to “Materialism

  1. yay a counting game!!

    i have thirteen shoes in my apartment too. but two are really nice shoes and two are shoes that are old and i think i will give them away because i don’t wear them. one is my running shoes and we all know how much use those shoes get now. 😐 i also have three thong sandals… one pair i wear when i need to get my feet wet (pool, beach, etc… so not much wear now), and two just because. there another pair of sandals that are like… for heavy walking. then four pairs of sneakers. one that’s maybe 3 years old, another 2 years, and two that are newer. oh yeah. make that fourteen. i now own my own cleats again. 😀 yippee!!!

    so wait. why is it that mommy’s always saying that i own so many shoes when i own as many as you? o.O

    and it’s scary when i know guys that have more shoes than me…


    • Re: yay a counting game!!

      Hahaha. I think it’s because now that I go back and look at my shoe count, I should really only say I have nine pairs. One pair I originally bought for shower shoes, but I count them because I do occasionally wear them out. Two pairs are so old and small and uncomfortable that I probably haven’t worn either pair in a year. You seem like you have tons of shoes because you wear most of them, and we can see that you wear different ones all the time, so it seems like you have a lot.

  2. shoos

    i have 16 pairs at my apt right now, about 9 of which i wear semi-regularly, with 2 more that are highly impractical (but very cute) dressy shoes. =) lots of shoes, i know, but that’s a pretty good ratio for the number that i actually wear, at least by my usual standards. i do have a bit of a shoe fetish, but it’s not out of control like some of my other weaknesses…=)


  3. shuze

    I have two pairs of shoes. One is a pair of sandals. I wear them regularly.

    They are both very stylish.


  4. I have nothing close to a shoe fetish either. I only buy shoes once a year, and a couple pairs at that, which are usually taking the place of older, worn out pairs. I think I have twelve pairs total (one pair I recently threw away because I had definitely worn it to the max, another has been demoted because the rubber became discolored in the sun). Anything over 20 begins to border on fetishism and scary, I think.

  5. shoes

    hmm.. i never thought about how many shoes i had. i have eight – a pair of sneakers, a pair of flip flops, hiking shoes, nice boots, and 3 pairs of dressy shoes and a pair of fuzzy bunny slippers that i do wear outside on occasion =). out of those eight, i only wear four regularly – so why i own the other four pairs? i think… for me.. even if i wouldn’t wear some of them anymore, i get into this “pack-rat”ish mentality where i get thigns and keep them.. “just in case” because you never know when you’ll need it yea? 😛

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