it’s Sunday again

This week I’m not even really sad about the end of my weekend, it’s all just because Erik left. Sigh. Even the chocolate chip cookies I made this morning are not sufficient to make me feel better. Well, okay, maybe we don’t want me to forget Erik as soon as I taste cookies, but still. They’re not even consoling.

We had an especially fun weekend this time. Friday night I was craving fresh flat wide rice noodles, so we went to Tuk Tuk to partake. I had Rad-na (those noodles, with vegetables, in gravy), and since I had a choice of what to put in it, I chose fish fillets. They were deep-fried, which made me happy. ;b Erik got this duck soup with Chinese herbs that was just amazing. A strong duck flavor, but sometime I might try the veggie version and see how that is. We had a nice talk. Erik likes my new bangs. 🙂 I was keeping those a secret, but now I think most people I need to tell have seen them. I cut them myself, Wednesday night, while procrastinating on my history 127 paper. It was empowering. Oh yes I should say that he actually noticed the bangs on his own. Last time I got an entire haircut he didn’t notice, but the bangs apparently were enough of a change to draw his attention. He walked in, put his stuff down, and turned around to greet me with a smile. His smile abruptly changed into the funniest “wha–?!” expression and he just stared at me for about a minute, finally concluding, “you have bangs!” Very gratifying.

Saturday morning we went to the farmer’s market, where we ran into Morgan from my dance class. It’s always fun to see dance people in a normal setting. We had to hurry home, though, to have lunch and then run to a dance performance at Yoshi’s. Yes, I know. Dance–at Yoshi’s? It’s a Japanese restaurant and jazz venue. The dance performance wasn’t even on the Yoshi’s calendar, and you had to buy the tickets through the company instead of through the Yoshi’s box office. We went because two great dancers from my class were performing, and they were good, but the program itself was somewhat… “modern”… for my taste. On a positive note, we did get to hear our first and probably last ever pinecone solo. One of the segments had a guy plinking the little sticky-out-things of a pinecone as musical accompaniment to the dance solo. Yeah, that’s the kind of show it was. But there was also a surprise guest–the owner of Yoshi’s! Her name is Yoshie or something like that, and she dances. She’s a little tiny Japanese woman and her dancing was quite nice. We can’t tell how old she is, but not young. And she’s either really quirky or just plain nuts. We couldn’t decide that either. But oh well, she has a great club.

After Yoshi’s we stopped in Oakland Chinatown to get me more fresh rice noodles (so amazingly fresh… mmm… ) at a place that also sold shiny white whole squids and other things you’d expect to see in Chinatown. When you go to Ranch 99 or some other big Asian supermarket, the market is set up like a normal supermarket, with long aisles, a bakery section, produce section, meat market, etc. This market was unnerving because it didn’t really have those divisions. A lot of the produce was outside in big boxes, and the fish and squids were in ice-filled Rubbermaid type tubs just sitting near the entrance. Like you walk in and there right on your left–hold your bag up or it’ll fall in–is a tub full of fish, some silver, some slightly bloody. The styrofoam trays of fresh rice noodles and rice rolls are actually sitting on the counter with the cash registers. Chaotic to say the least, but the noodles were amazing.

Our real destination, after we got off BART, was Tupper & Reed Music, because Erik wanted to get a guitar. After I tired of trying out all their drums (I want a drum now! not a rock-style drum set, more like a tabla or something), I did yoga and dance stretches while I waited for Erik to make his decision. He ended up getting a black electric guitar (go to page 3 and check out the black Special; that’s the one) and small amp. This is probably the first time I’ve ever seen Erik spend more than $20 on a toy for himself. I noticed many guys sticking their heads out of car windows to check out the guitar on our way home. It was totally funny. Some guys don’t even check out girls with such avidity. No, they were not checking me out. It was absolutely the guitar.

When we got home I made dinner so Erik could play with his new toy. Actually, it was nice to hear live music in my apartment, and I love the sound of the guitar.

I feel a little better now that I’ve written about the nicest parts of our weekend. Next weekend we’re going to visit Shra, because she’s getting a kitty and we want to see it! And I’ll show her my new bangs, and Erik will bring his guitar for us to play with.

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