Today has been a good day because I finally got to satisfy the pie craving I’ve had for three days now. Jennifer and I went to Walker’s Restaurant and Pie Shop on Solano (across from Safeway; call 525-4647) and had their Complete Dinners, which are reasonably priced and reasonable tasting and involve quite a bit of food: soup, salad, popovers, vegetables, baked potato or lemon potatoes, entree, and pie. The service is nice and they have a sensor-activated paper towel dispenser in the otherwise old-fashioned-looking bathroom. Amazing bit of technology. Walker’s offered seventeen different kinds of pie tonight. I can tell you what kinds those were because I have their pie list in front of me right now: lemon chiffon (what I had, sort of a mousse filling), coconut cream, chocolate cream, black bottom, almond rum, banana cream, amaretto, pecan, chocolate pecan, strawberry rhubarb, apple, apricot, cherry, rhubarb, pumpkin, peach, and strawberry cream (what Jennifer had, basically a custard pie topped with glazed strawberries and whipped cream). Nothing can beat the lemon pie I had in North Carolina, but these pies come pretty close. Jennifer and I plan to go back there again and again until we have tried many, if not all, of their varieties.

I didn’t think one could get drunk on pie but I certainly seemed a little bit tipsy after my pie. I babbled nonsensically and clapped my hands and sang “PIE pie pie pie” and wobbled a little when I walked. But hey, I got my pie, isn’t that cause for celebration? I called Shra just to tell her I had pie and she said she could tell how cheerful I was. Ah, such is the power of good pie.

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