Long day

Today has been a long day, and it is most definitely not over yet. I got up at 6.30 to make the first day of a monthlong 7am yoga immersion at Inner Heat, and basically had straight class after that until five. I went to the library after the immersion, to check out and read a book for my history seminar that I hadn’t found in the bookstores, and I read until my dance class at nine thirty. Oddly enough, dance was not easy but I was not exhausted, just slightly more tired than usual, which could also be attributed to less sleep and the long weekend. After that I skipped the nonviolence class I’ve been auditing, which I hope will not be a precedent, and continued to read my history book until the seminar started at twelve. I sat through the discussion and even managed to say something, then had another class at two, concluding with my last lecture of the day at three thirty. After class I went to my prof’s office hours and talked to him for a bit about grad school and my thesis, and now I’m back home.

It really truly does scare me that I am not exhausted and that I haven’t had a real meal all day. I am definitely going to have a really good dinner, but it just weirds me out that I can be awake for this many hours and be expending so much energy without getting tired or hungry. I feel like I should go to a doctor and get myself checked out, just to make sure I’ve got enough protein/iron/just plain nourishment in my system. I know the benefits of exercise, particularly yoga, are not yet fully explored by scientists, but even with my humanities brain I find it hard to imagine that the extra oxygen I’m taking in when I practice deep breathing can somehow substitute for actual vitamins and nutrients.

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