A small anecdote about food.

I was lying on my mat today, in savasana (corpse pose, which ends every yoga class and which is one of my favorite poses because it’s relaxing and enlightening and you don’t have to do anything), when a craving for peanuts suddenly floated into me. I did a yoga bad and stopped focusing on my breath and instead began thinking about what kind of dinner I could make that involves peanuts. After class, though, just because the people at Inner Heat are so wonderful that they can read my mind even when I’m not supposed to be thinking, there were mini Reese’s peanut butter cups in the candy bowl that’s always on the desk! Amazing. Yesterday there were Hershey kisses and orange Creme Savers, and today there were peanut butter cups. So I took two, and they were so satisfying I stopped at a market on the way home and bought another two-pack of Reese’s, the regular size this time.

Outside the market there was a man selling Street Spirit. I noticed him especially because there’s usually a different man who sells them there. I was turning the corner there, so I avoided him by default, and went on my way, working open the package of Reese’s. Then I realized I didn’t need two peanut butter cups, so I went back and asked him if he would like one. He did, and we exchanged a few pleasant words and smiles, and then I turned around again to go home and enjoy my one peanut butter cup. He looked surprised and pleased.

I think, these days, I open myself up more to people, friends and strangers alike. I suppose it’s a combination of general contentment, yoga, dance and Peace and Conflict Studies 164A: Introduction to Nonviolence. Yesterday I shared some conversation and laughter with the person in front of me in line at Ned’s, and today I talked to and had a cookie with a girl in the music building. It’s a nice way to live. Is it coincidental, or resultative, that people seem friendlier than they did last year?

Other happy news for today: I got a hug and some catch-up time with Michael, our piano teacher, when he was in between auditioning people today. I’ve missed him all summer so it was wonderful to see him again. And I found a class to fulfill my International Studies requirement, and I already have two friends in that class and today I made two more. And ran into Amy, who was in my Berkeley Experience freshman seminar, who I haven’t seen in at least a year.

A happy day; actually, a very good week, but oh I’m glad tomorrow is Friday!

One more thing: I’ve decided that any genuine smile is a treasure. And that there are many kinds of laughter, and the two I like best are: the kind that is specific between you and someone else based on what you know about each other, which we all share with our closest friends; and that kind of laughter that is prompted by quirky comedy, where your first response is surprise and confusion, but then the funniness of the comment overwhelms your surprise and you don’t know what else to do but laugh. You say, “What the heck?!” in between laughs. I have two very funny professors this semester, and both of their comic talents provoke that second kind of laughter, and it’s great.

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