On a different note…

Two paragraphs from one of the funniest blogs I read:

I even failed to spend an outrageous amount of money at Dean & DeDevil [her name for NY gourmet food store Dean and DeLuca], for fuck’s sake. I marched in there determined to buy a fucking $100 dollar truffle. But the truffles were only $24 an ounce. The guy behind the counter gave me one that he said was two ounces, and I figured I’d be satisfied with spending 50 bucks. He gave me the truffle, in a container full of rice, handing it over with a meaningful wink. I understood the wink, I thought, when I looked at the price on the bottom and saw that it cost… Eight Dollars! Oh my god. I’d been recognized! I was part of an underground brotherhood! It was like The Fight Club, only with gourmet foodstuffs!

Eric and I ran out of there before we got caught, giggling like mad. It was only I got home and weighed the truffle that I realized that actually the thing was about half an ounce, not two ounces, and we hadn’t gotten a deal at all. Besides, I don’t have much experience with truffles, but this one didn’t seem a very good one – it wasn’t overly fragrant. No dark foodie underground after all. Very disappointing.

The blog is called The Julie/Julia Project and if you want to know why, read the first entry. There’s also a great New York Times article, but by now you have to pay to read it. Unless this link [broken] works for you.

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