Today Albert helped me bake shortbread. While it was baking, we read stories and sang songs. He’s a sweetie, and his parents are lucky to have him.

I’ve learned a lot about kids in my time here. I feel a lot more confident than before that I will be a good parent. But my strongest feeling about kids is simply NOT YET!

Other realizations:

1. Whatever other people may say or do, I am going to try my utmost to make sure housework and childcare responsibilities are divided equally between the two parents. I know this is an ideal, but we’ll never get there if we don’t try. There is just no way to justify one person’s shouldering most of the burden, when the other person is equally capable. Check back on this with me when I have kids. ;b

2. The hardest part about having kids may be the lack of time to one’s self. There is absolutely no space to think when one is chasing a three-year-old. I don’t have any answers about how to remedy this one.

It has been interesting having this window into a fairly recently created family. I can see myself in this position within the next decade, and it has been a useful exercise to see what is happening here that I like, and what I dislike, and try to figure out how it all happened and what other options there are.

I love my bug. (*)

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