Rereading my journal

I just spent the last two or three hours going over a year’s worth of past entries in my livejournal. I started with April 2001, which was when I began writing in this journal. At that time I was a meat-eating English-majoring freshman, but I was beginning to come out of my freshman shell, was learning Portuguese and was just beginning to discover how much I love history research. I read through my experiences at the Breast Cancer 3-Day, through September 11th, through my radically changing thoughts on meat, my changing my major from English to history, my meeting/getting to know better some people who have turned out to be very important in my life… I didn’t realize so much of who I am now was formed in that year. And though there were many changes in that year, I can see that there were also planted seeds for later change. It’s very satisfying to read back on the past three years and feel that they have not been wasted, that in fact I am now at the place where I was intended to be by forces unseen.

This also makes me wonder if I should go through my current journal and look for hints of the future… but no, I don’t want to know the future. Life’s more exciting that way.

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