Focus group

Whew I’m tired. Just came from San Francisco, where I participated in a focus group about new products and advertising for Brown Cow yogurt. They gave me money for helping them out, but I do have to say of my own free will that it is very good yogurt and I was pleased to be able to give my input. Try their Cream Top whole milk yogurt if you’re not worried about fat. I also like their vanilla very much because it’s sweetened with fruit juice.

We met at a market research company’s headquarters, the ten or so of us who’d been recruited to do this, and the marketing people were very nice and fed us lots of sandwiches and cookies before we started taste testing the yogurt. It’s a nice place, too (take the tour! [link broken]). The company is located on the second floor of a building on Sutter St, right across the street from Banana Republic and practically around the corner from Union Square. They split us up to have us test the yogurts (blind, so I don’t know what I was eating… but two cups of any kind of yogurt is a lot to have in front of you at once), then we all gathered as a group around the conference table and discussed what makes good yogurt, etc etc. I think everyone there was a weirdo of some sort, but in a good way. Quirky. And they were all really nice, too.

But anyway that was the highlight of my day, that and hanging out with Mommy and Aiyi on the way to and from SF. And now I’m really sleepy…

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