Contemporary concert

Erik came up last night to go to a concert. One of his professors, Cindy Cox, was performing her latest piano piece, and the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players were playing two of her other pieces, and three pieces by her brother-in-law Edmund Campion. I’m a huge fan of Cox’s music, and so is Erik (he likes her a lot as a professor too!), so we wanted to go just to hear her. Her music is lovely, clear and beautifully orchestrated and meditative. I closed my eyes through a lot of it because it was perfect for imagining. (The guy next to Erik had his eyes closed, too, but he was snoring…) She has a recent CD out, Columba Aspexit, which I’m thinking of getting. Click the link and give it a listen–I recommend the “Sparkling” movement of Geode (Track 2). Geode is a great piece. It’s supposed to resemble a geode, so the outer two movements are palindromes of each other, and are shorter and more percussive. The middle movement is the “Sparkling” one, and it’s shimmery and complex and very, very beautiful, just like the center of a geode.

Edmund Campion’s music was really interesting too. New music, with electronically synthesized sounds made by interactive computers, and interesting English-major-type concepts (Campion’s brother and Cox’s husband, John Campion, is a poet). Campion’s music was actually, I thought, terrifying, but also really really good at the same time. You really had to see it to know what I’m talking about. It was insane.

In other news, I’m carefully settling in to being alone most of the time and having nothing official to do. It’s nice, but different, and not always what I would choose if I had any choice in the matter. That said, most of time I do enjoy it. It’s great having all the time I want to do whatever I want. I’ve organized much of my apartment, and written a lot of letters and journal entries (private journal, not here!), run some errands, started doing yoga and Pilates again, made some really good food, etc etc. It does take a lot of discipline, though, to not just descend into bleh. I have to take a shower before I sit down at the computer, or I won’t take one at all. And after my shower, I have to actually get dressed instead of just getting back into sleeping clothes, otherwise I won’t go out all day. Then I have to eat at mealtimes otherwise I know I’ll end up eating ramen and no vegetables or protein, and if I don’t clean the kitchen right after cooking and eating I just won’t do it, etc… it’s not hard work, but it does require thinking (unngghhh!).

The first day alone, I spent the whole morning on the computer, and by afternoon I had a terrible headache. The second day I went out and bought a kitchen timer, so I could set it for forty minutes to remind myself to take breaks. As it turned out, the timer I bought had no back to it, so the bell is SO loud. The first time it went off, I literally jumped (sorry Kiyomi, but at least I’m using it correctly!) because I thought it was the fire alarm and I was going to have to evacuate. I’m not kidding, it’s that loud. Scared the heck out of me. The second time I knew it wasn’t the fire alarm, but I still jumped. And the third time, and the fourth… by now I’m smarter, and I put it under my bedcovers so it’s not as loud. But it still scares me each time. It’s really good, now I don’t get computer headaches. 🙂

Anyway speaking of organizing my life, since Erik spent the night and left this morning, my morning is a little thrown out of whack. I sat around being sad that he had to leave, and then I came online to talk to people for consolation, so now I’m still in my pajamas and I just ate a bowl of cereal so now I can’t do yoga. Meh. Time to get with it.

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