Speaking opportunity

So, remember that I went to that history conference a couple of weeks ago and I was feeling really insecure because everyone seemed to know what they were doing? Well, strangely enough, I now actually have an opportunity to participate in such an event–to be part of it, not just to go to it.

I received an email this morning from a professor in the history department, asking me if I’d be willing to give a short talk about my thesis, this Saturday, at History Day. She said she got my name from someone who thought I might be interested in doing this. I have no idea whether she received my name because my topic is interesting/I’m a good student, or for some technical reason that has nothing to do with my abilities. Either way, it’s a great chance, so I’m going to do it. Not that I’m not extremely nervous about it. There will be other students speaking–I have absolutely no idea how many–but aside from those, the other speakers are Chancellor Berdahl and two history professors. It’s shocking to think I’m going to be presenting my research in this milieu, even if only in this way–I get three to five minutes to speak, I won’t be on the program or anything, and students are presenting first so if people are late they’ll never know I was there.

I’ve been weirded out all day that I get this chance. I don’t know what I’ll say, or how I’ll come across. People might ask me questions! How will I answer them and still seem articulate and knowledgeable? But I will have some practice beforehand. On Thursday we have to give a five-minute presentation on our papers before we hand them in, and on Friday I’ll be giving another five-minute presentation at some point during the annual 101 Symposium, in which thesis students (well, those who volunteered to do this anyway) present their work. So hopefully people will ask enough hard questions during these two things that I’ll be totally prepared by Saturday…

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6 responses to “Speaking opportunity

  1. You can do it! You have done speeches in high school years ago and this time you really have an interesting topic to talk about. Just stop being self cautious, for you have nothing to lose.(this is not a job interview nor a contest)


  2. 😀

    I’m so proud of you taking this opportunity! it really is very good. 😀 and remember how unsure you feel inside, most of the time people can’t tell. that always helps me. if the people don’t know how much (or little) i really know, then i don’t feel nervous with how much i have to tell them. you always sound so self confident and sure when i’m around you so i’m sure you will have no problem. good luck 😀 there will be people looking at you and wishing they could be as smart and assured as you. :] and if all else fails… umm do the gir butt wiggle song and dance. that will stun them all and give you enough time to run off the stage. *dyoo dyoo dyoo* *wiggle wiggle*


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