Maybe I’m getting better at updating frequently. We’ll see how long this lasts. I was trying to convince Erik to start a journal today; when he said he had no time, I said, ‘Write one sentence a day. You have time to write one sentence every day.’ Well, I guess I do too. But again, we’ll see how long this lasts.

My hands really really hurt right now, from too much writing. I haven’t started actually typing my paper yet, but I’ve been going through my huge pile of notecards and writing down everything in them, into a special notebook, in order of where things will be in my paper. I’m writing down not just the facts or the opinions but also the significance, and tying these into my overall thesis. Hopefully what this means is once I sit down to type it out, it will all flow nicely and I’ll hardly have to do any thinking at all. Which would be really, really great, because the first draft is due Thursday…

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4 responses to “Writing

  1. I have been thinking about your poor hands:( I hope they are getting better. Do you want to try using a audio recorder instead of writing down your draft?

  2. you’re mom reads and replies to your online journal? how cute!! i was never a fan of these online journals. starting at 9-11 i started typing some stuff in my computer. but then i stopped after a while and wrote a couple more entries and i figured the problem was that it was too boring. when i was little my grandpa made me keep a journal and even though it has nothing substantial in it it was still fun to go back and read it. so over spring break i decided to take another shot at keeping a journal… like a real handwritten one. i’ve been pretty good so far, but of course it’s been break and i’ve had not much else to do.

    and… thesis?? hard core. i thought those were only for graduating seniors.


    • They are only for graduating seniors. Well, that’s the idea, anyway. But I wanted to write mine early because the seminar topic was FOOD. 😀

      Good luck with your journal. 🙂 I always wish I had the time to keep a real handwritten one, because there are always things you don’t want the entire world to know…

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